Our Catholic Faith in Action


“It is the Christian component which gives Messmer the feeling that one is part of a family. Students are constantly reminded that they are members of the family of God.”

Cortez and Mari VanFelder, Messmer parents


Messmer Catholic Schools are grounded in faith. Our family of students, faculty and staff regularly gather for Mass and prayer services. The bonds of our family are continually strengthened whenever we come together in faith.

Our faith-based curriculum encourages students to explore their spirituality and uncover their God-given gifts. Woven throughout the curriculum is the call to serve others. Our goal is to develop socially and morally responsible leaders who selflessly give back to their community.

All high school and eighth grade students participate in faith-filled retreats designed to renew student perspectives around God's presence in their lives and in their relationships with others.

Visible signs of our faith and Catholic identity are present throughout our three campuses. Crosses and Scriptural passages on our school walls are constant reminders of our shared values. In addition, a passage from scripture serves annually as our guiding theme, and posters illustrating the theme are constant reminders of the year’s touchpoint.

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